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Empowering and enabling youth in SC to overcome adversity through education, mentoring and character development for the long term betterment of their lives and our communities.

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Tajh Boyd


John Hine

Executive Director and Board Member

Lisa Nason

Board Member and President of the Board

Board Members

Carla Boyd

Board Member

Bunny Brown-Scott

Board Member

Bo Ivester

Board Member

Alan Lyles

Board Member

Steve Musman

Board Member

Kenneth Ridgell

Board Member

Andy Sink

Board Member

Jenna Truesdale

Board Member

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“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just stand there.” - Tajh Boyd

Our Partners

Meet the organizations that our Foundation has come along side to help further our mission.
Phillis Wheatley Community CenterBellXcel

The Tajh Boyd Foundation is pleased to partner with individuals and businesses who share our values and vision for empowering and enabling youth in SC.

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Be sure to connect with Tajh on social media to get a first-hand look at what he is doing on and off the field, as well as check the website for upcoming events, football camps, and news about The Tajh Boyd Foundation.
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